Handmade room number plate on the door.
The room keys are made of brass plate.Dolphin, whale, the sea creatures are with them.
"Moretti" the Italian beer in the refrigerator.(paid drink)
The weight scale by "DULTON"
The import faucet
The alarm clock by "DULTON"
Every room has a mini bathtub for foot relaxation.

Custom-made bench in the garden. It's from Bari.
These stairs were made of stones from the mountain near the hotel.

10The owner got this picture from his favorite shop.
11The classical wine openers, got from Italy.
12Owner's gallery. He found these pictures and posters at where he trip for a business or vacation.
13The owner's friend drew this picture. This picture express about "Awa-Odori", the traditional dance in Tokushima.
14The chandelier made in the Netherlands is installed in a front space.

15We place a fresh ivy leaf every morning.
16This terrace has so complex structure to build, but the owner satisfied with the workmanship.
17The outside of terrace. It is good to take a walk here.